Class Rules

Wild Card Pulling

Garden Tractor and A.T.V.


1. Horsepower Limits:

*850 - 900 - 950 - 1050 LB - STOCK CLASS HP not to exceed 14 HP (Will allow 2 HP over for Hydro.) 850 - 900 class turf tire only.

*1050 - 1150 LB - STOCK CLASS HP not to exceed 20 HP (Will allow 2 HP over for Hydro.)

2. Stock off lawn engines or unaltered engine components. No more than 4000 RPM max. Must have stock sheet metal with no frame changes/alterations to sheet metal except for exhaust pipe cutout. Narrow frame Cub 147 modification is ok.

3. Kohlers only: 18 HP Cam, OEM and shaved heads allowed. Must run stock head gaskets. Rod machined to accept bearing insert, stock fuel pumps. Chevy points allowed. No aftermarket pistons or connecting rod. Wheelie bars required in all classes.

4. Must have garden tractor transaxle or garden tractor transmission and rear end.

5. Must have choke plated in carburetor and no velocity stacks.

6. Exhaust, if not stock, must be vertical.

7. Turf tire only in 850 LB class, 26x12x12 in. wide max.

8. Gasoline or Diesel only - no methanol, no alcohol or additives.

9. Hand or foot operated dead man throttle recommended.

10. Kill switch required. (tractor is allowed to run in one event without, must be added and functional after that)

11. Approved helmet required in all stock classes.


  1. Commercial garden tractor engine, 20hp max single, twin or three-cylinder naturally aspirated engine .030 clean up bore or less. 4500 RPM max.
  2. Stock crankshaft stroke, Piston must be flush or below top deck of block. Camshaft spec maximum lift .330 with lash, maximum valve size 1.380. Porting and polishing is legal.
  1. Factory cylinder head only. Steel flywheels and hand/foot operated deadman throttle are mandatory. Exhaust pipes must be vertical. May trim sheet metal to accept exhaust pipe.
  1. Garden tractor must have stock engine block, frame and sheet metal per OEM. Must be stock wheelbase. No cutting of frame and sheet metal is allowed, except only Cubs Narrow Frame Cub 147 modification is ok
  1. Must have garden tractor transaxle or garden tractor transmission and rear end. Functional kill switch required
  1. Choke plate and shaft may be removed. Carburetor can be mounted with one gasket directly to intake. Kohler type naturally aspirated carburetor with one-inch venturi. One inch carb spacer allowed. Velocity stacks are legal.
  1. Tire size 26 x 12 x 12, turf or bar grip, Cepek, Lawn Techs or Pit Bull tires.
  1. Fuel: Pump Gas, Race Gas, or Diesel only. (No nitrous, Alcohol, or Nitro Methane)
  1. Wheelie bars and functional kill switch required.
  1. Approved helmet required


1. Single cylinder four cycle flathead engines only, 36.500 cubic inch limit/no tolerance.

2. Engines must be factory productions or OEM replacement with factory deck height. Engine blocks must have OEM stock appearance. No aftermarket blocks allowed.

3. Stock head bolt pattern, stock head gasket must fit over studs/bolts. Stock head bolt location/head bolt size.

4. Maximum crankshaft stroke 3.25 inch /0.010-inch measuring tolerance, not exceeding cubic inch limit. Maximum engine bore 3.780 inch /0.010-inch measuring tolerance, not exceeding cubic inch limit.

5. Maximum engine valve size 1.380-inch measuring tolerance. Maximum engine valve lift .330 inch/0.003 inch measuring tolerance.

6. Maximum carburetor round shape venturi size 1.00 inch, no air entering after 1.00-inch restriction. 0.001-inch measuring tolerance.

7. Stock appearing Kohler type carburetor must be mounted to the engine with no more than 1-inch spacer. No reverse port engines allowed, carburetor must go to the original intake port.

8. No external welding or external modifications allowed. All thread through finned area is acceptable. Welding permitted in crankcase area of the block for repair. Billet heads, head restraint, porting and polishing allowed.

9. Must be stock garden tractor frames maintaining factory length with factory hood and grill. No cutting of frame and sheet metal is allowed, except Cubs only: Narrow frame Cub 147 modification is ok. May trim sheet metal to accept exhaust pipe.

10. Must have garden tractor rear ends with garden tractor transaxle or garden tractor transmission and rear end. Maximum wheelbase 56 inches.

11. Top placing tractors will be checked for, but not limited to: Fuel, bore, stroke, carburetor size, valve lift and size and deck height. Formula for cubic inch is measured bore x measured bore x measured stoke x .785 = cubic inch. All bores measured 90 degrees from thrust side. Wheelie bars and functional kill switch required.

12. Fuel: gas or alcohol only (no nitrous/no form of nitro methane). Fire suits mandatory

13. Wheelie bars and functional kill switch required.

13. Tire size 26 x 12 x 12, turf or bar grip, Cepek, Lawn Techs or Pit Bull tires.

14. Approved helmet required.


1. 50.5 cubic inch, single cylinder naturally aspirated, on gas or alcohol fuel only, no nitrous. All forms of nitro methane are illegal.

2. Garden tractor or commercial reproduced block. Garden tractor appearing sheet metal. Must use aluminum or steel flywheels with safety shields.

3. Tire size 26 x 12 x 12, turf or bar grip, Cepek, Lawn Techs or Pit Bull tires, no sticky tires.

4. Wheelie bars and functional kill switch required.

5. Approved helmet, fire suit if burning alcohol and functional fire extinguisher required.



1. One or two cylinder, flat head, air-cooled, naturally aspirated, four cycle engine - no after market blocks. Engine block, transaxle, and chassis must be OEM available in commercial garden tractor.

2. Engine components must remain in original position. Original measurement from center of crankshaft to top deck of block and stock crankshaft stroke must be maintained. Maximum total engine displacement: For single cylinder is 37.5. (Bore size is 3.825, stroke is 3.25). 2 cylinders 45 cubic inch.

3. Stock appearing carburetor per engine manufacturer. Maximum air restricting venturi limit: 1.200. Air flow must be controlled by throttle shaft actuated butterfly in stock location. No air may enter intake port after 1.200 restrictions.

4. Stock garden tractor chassis with maximum wheelbase of 56 inches required. Any chassis having a stock wheelbase of 56 inches or longer must retain stock wheelbase. Must have garden tractor transaxle or garden tractor transmission and rear end. All engine and tractor components must be shielded.

5. Billet steel or aluminum flywheel and/or start pulley required.

6. Maximum distance from center of rear axle to farthest point forward - 96 inches.

7. Tractor must have a stock appearing hood and grill/nose piece. Switching to another factory sheet metal is permissible.

8. Gasoline or alcohol fuel only. All forms of nitro methane fuels are illegal.

9. Tire size 26 x 12 x 12, turf or bar grip, Cepek, Lawn Techs or Pit Bull tires, no sticky tires.

10. Wheelie bars and functional kill switch required.

11. Approved helmet, fire suit if burning alcohol and functional fire extinguisher required.


1. One or two cylinder, naturally aspirated, cast block engine. Engine must be available in an OEM production garden tractor. Must retain stock cylinder head and valves for engine configuration and horsepower rating. Maximum cylinder bore size: .030 over manufacturer's standard specification.

2. Stock crankshaft stroke must be maintained. Piston travel must be flush or below deck of block.

3. Max total engine displacement: 38.5 cubic inches.

4. All other chassis, engine, and safety rules must be followed.


1100 – 1150 800cc max (1150 class with 3 or more registered tractors only)

1200 - 1300lb 1500cc max

1. Must be a garden tractor appearing with fenders. Hood and grill optional. Snowmobile engines must have silencers.

2. Outside size no wider than 6 foot/ no longer than 8 foot including weights from center rear axle to front of tractor.

3. Any number of naturally aspirated motorcycle, snowmobile, automotive, diesel or garden tractor engines may be used. Any diesel motor - one turbo. May use no more than 4 cylinders.

4. Approved fuel can be gasoline, diesel fuel, or methanol alcohol. All forms of nitro methane fuels are illegal.

5. Any type of transmission can be used. Reverse gear is not required. May use any type of carburetor.

6. Floater axles are recommended but not mandatory at this time. Fenders must cover at least top 1/3 of tire and be at least 4 inches wide. Fender must be capable of holding tire in case of axle or wheel breakage.

7. Tire size 26 x 12 x 12, turf or bar grip Professional pulling tires ok - Cepek, Pit Bull, Lawn Tec. No sticky tires.

8. Wheelie bars and functional kill switch required.

9. Approved helmet, fire suit if burning alcohol and functional fire extinguisher required.


A puller may elect to enter any class above their minimum classification.


1. All tractors are required to be inspected before the first pulling event begins, to insure tractors meet all safety rules. If tractor is found to be in violation of safety rules, it will be determined if tractor is safe to participate in the day's event only. Unsafe appearing tractors (including those with missing or broken parts) won't be allowed to pull. All violations must be corrected before tractor can participate in future events or before placing in payoff/points. After tractor is inspected and conforms to all safety related rules, a numbered safety inspection tag will be issued which signifies that tractor is legal for current season. Tag will have ID number per tractor and should be entered on all registration forms. ID numbers/stickers no smaller than 1 1/2 inches high are recommended to be put on both sides of tractor.

2. Approved SEMA, SNELL or DOT helmet required in ALL classes. NO EXCEPTIONS

3. Kill switches are required for all classes. Stock class will be allowed a bye for their first event. Kill switch must be easily accessible, above tractor hook point and within 6 inches of tractor centerline to shut down engine to prevent accident.

4. Dead man throttle required. Throttle mechanism can be operated by hand or foot with rear-most position being idle and must return to idle after being released.

5. Wheelie bars are mandatory in all classes. Device must be made of two separate sections, one on each side at rear of tractor. Each device must be rigid mounted and equipped with skid plates/wheels at ground contact point. Skid plates must be at least three inches wide and three inches long (nine square inches) or wheels shall be at least one inch wide and four inches in diameter. Wheels/skid plates are to be at least five inches behind face of rear tires and no more than five inches above ground. The combination of both wheelie bars must be strong enough to support entire weight of driver and tractor when tractor is raised with a jack. No spring-loaded anti-tip devices are allowed. If no functional wheelie bars, tractor will be red flagged immediately when front wheels come up.

6. Stock Altered, Pro/Super Stock, Open/Unlimited, and Mini Rods are required to fully enclose all fly wheels, clutches, and chains 360 degrees with a minimum 1/8 inch think steel or equivalent. Flywheels and starter pulleys made of steel and aluminum, no cast iron or cast aluminum. All pulleys and belts must be shielded at least the width of the pulley with a .060 thick steel or equivalent. No welded flywheel fins or stamped steel pulleys will be allowed. Starter pulleys must have a retaining device to prevent pulley from coming off crankshaft. U-joints used in drivelines must be shielded 360 degrees with 1/4-inch-thick aluminum or 1/8-inch steel.

7. Weights and brackets: Weights not to extend more than 8 feet from center of rear axle. Rear: Furthest part of weights should not exceed 24 inches beyond centerline of rear axle. Front: Sliding front weight bracket should be retractable when not pulling for safety reasons. Wheel weight rods: Should not extend more than 6 inches beyond outer edge of wheel rim. Weights must be secure/anything lost during pull means disqualification.

8. Approved fuels shall be gasoline, diesel fuel, and methanol alcohol. All forms of Nitro methane are illegal fuels. Fuel tank shutoffs are required in all classes. Tractors with pressurized fuel tanks will not be allowed to operate.

9. Fire suits are mandatory in all machines fueled by Alcohol. It is recommended that ALL drivers wear non-flammable clothing (No polyester). Wear short or long sleeve shirts (No tank or halter tops) with long pants (no shorts or Capri) and closed toe shoes (no sandals).

10. All tractors except off lawn are required to have a fire extinguisher mounted in reach of driver. Must be minimum of 2 3/4 lb. dry chemical or equivalent (ABC rated). If a fire occurs, tractor can be disqualified.


General Rules

1. Entry fees are $10.00 per stock tractor and $10.00 per open/mini rod class per tractor. Special pull could have higher entry fees. Each class will be awarded cash paybacks and/or trophies depending upon paid entries per class. Class winners in each class must rescale and be checked for legitimacy before being declared winner of that class. After three wins, engines of class winners will be checked for legitimacy.

2. Tractors must be registered and entry fee paid before event is scheduled to begin. No entries after your class is started, however pullers traveling long distances will be given special consideration if they are late due to vehicle breakdown, etc. Late pullers will pull last. Advance registration by pre-registering at a prior pull is also an option.

3. Drivers must be 5 years old or older for all off lawn and stock altered classes. Drivers must be 12 years old or older for super stock, sport stock, and 16 years or older (with driver’s license) for open/unlimited and mini rod classes. The child driver must be able to handle the tractor by himself/herself. Parent/guardian must sign the application giving his/her permission.

4. Drivers consuming ALCOHOL or illegal/Non-prescription DRUGS prior to or during the pull will be disqualified in all classes entered.

5. Attendance at drivers meeting mandatory prior to pull. Verbal exchanges supersede written instructions.

6. Tractors must be kept in control, to track official's discretion, at all times. Drivers must remain on seat of tractor during their pull and one hand must remain on the steering wheel will be allowed at discretion of the officials. Both feet must remain on running board at all times.

7. Drivers may shift gears during pull.

8. Driver will be disqualified if any part of tractor goes out of bounds.

9. Only officials of Wild Card Pulling (skid steer operators, sled operators, announcer, scale operator or flag man) can disqualify any driver/tractor.

10. Any disqualification translates to automatic forfeiture of all entry fees paid.

11. All classes: a 15-inch maximum single hitch length, measured from center of rear axle to rear of hitch hole. Recommended minimum 1-3/4-inch diameter hole, hitch maximum 3/4-inch thickness.

12. Maximum hitch height all classes 13 inches, no more than one inch material behind point of hook.

13. No recaps, duals, studs, chains, sticky tires, ATV tires on tractors or sprays. (Also see individual classes for more information) All classes, except mini rods, have a maximum tire size of 26x12x12 that will be acknowledged by size engraved or molded on side of tire only. Tire circumference or tread width measurements will not be recognized as legal maximum tire size. Commercial garden tractor turf tires are only legal tread allowed on tar/concrete track surfaces for all classes. Bar type lug tires are legal only at advertised dirt pulls for all classes except, 850 class where only commercial turf tires are legal on all track surfaces. Bar type lug tires can't be run backwards in any class or track surface. Only in 950 lb. and 1150 lb. Stock class can run sipped turf tires on tar. No Pitt Bulls, LawnTechs or Cepek. No Field & Turf tires, ATV or Gator tires in any class other than ATV classes.

14. All pullers will be assigned positions in each class and must be lined up prior to pull, as announced. If not in line or ready, he may be disqualified and forfeit his entry fee.

15. Each tractor is allowed one hook per weight class (no double entries) and is limited to two hooks per event unless officials make a change. (special allowance may be made for youth class)

16. Each puller has two chances to take a measurable pull. No jerking sled, chain must be tight when starting out. Puller must stop in less than 40 feet to get second chance. If sled is moved, it must be repositioned for second try. Weights can be repositioned at this time.

17. First puller of each class may be used as test puller to set the sled. Puller may either accept or decline the distance, before being unhooked from the sled. If driver makes no decision to accept or decline the distance to the flagman when he is unhooked, it is an automatic decision by officials that he takes the first measurement by default. Pull will be measured regardless of distance. The re-pull will be in last position.

18. Pullers start their pull with the green flag only. On the red flag, they must stop immediately. Only the driver and officials are allowed on the track during the pull. Be sure to let officials know if you are color blind.

19. Suggested weight classes: Includes both tractor and driver. (Only one engine per tractor, except open/unlimited classes.) Weight classes may be added or changed if three or more pullers request it. NO FOUR-WHEEL DRIVES--NO TURBINE ENGINE TRACTORS CAN ENTER ANY CLASSES!!



*0 - 14 HP (Allow 2 HP for Hydro.)

850 Stock - Turf Tire only (4000 RPM Max.) Up to 15 years of age.

900 Stock - Turf Tire only (4000 RPM Max.) 16 years of age and older.

950 Stock - Turf or Bar Lug (4000 RPM Max.)

1050 Stock - Turf or Bar Lug (4000 RPM Max.)

*0-20 HP (Allow 2 HP over for Hydro.)

1050 Stock - Turf or Bar Lug (4000 RPM Max.)

1150 Stock - Turf or Bar Lug (4000 RPM Max.)


950 LB - 14 HP Max (proposed drop for 2017 season)

1050 LB - 16 HP Max


1050 LB 20 HP MAX (4500 RPM MAX) (NEW for 2017)

1100 LB 20 HP MAX (4500 RPM MAX) (NEW for 2017)


1100 LB

1200 LB

1300 LB

1400 LB

19. Any contestant protesting a puller must be in same weight class. He MUST deposit $75.00 as a protest/tear down fee before protested tractor is unhooked and MUST submit written protest within 30 minutes or it is NOT an official protest. If tractor is legal, the protestor loses his money to unit being protested. If protested tractor is illegal, protest money goes back to protestor, the illegal tractor is disqualified and every one under him moves up a position. If the protested tractor refuses protest, he will be disqualified. He must become legal in that class at future pulls or must pull one class higher. Owner must tear down tractor in question after pull is over.

20. Sportsmanlike conduct must be used or parties involved may be disqualified.

21. The decision of the officials is final and calls of judgment are not subject to appeal. With a showing of good cause, they may reverse/revise their decision. Any vulgar language or behavior may lead to disqualification or suspension.